Trip to Mahabaleshwar Started @ 3AM Morning :P

ON 24-12-2011


It was 12 in the night when my room mate was back from his TEACHER’S SCOTCH  promotion with 6 bottle with him.

I had 1 after dinner.

5 was remaining.

As me & my friend Dhiraj has decided to leave at 3.30AM, I considered not to sleep. Meanwhile those 5 canes of Teachers scotch was staring me as if they are going to rape me , so I decided to have another cane 😀 hihihihi..

Times passed and now it was 2.30AM of 24-12-2012. My eyes was heavy but I did not wanted to sleep so then I again had 1 Sctoch .. hihihihih..but then I decided to finish all the canes because it was already 3 AM and I have to get ready for the trip. So in a row I finished remaining canes i.e. 2 more canes.

I started feeling dizzy .. my head  was eating circles 😀 😀 so I went to washroom and had bath and other stuff 😛

Phone rang! It was Dhiraj, all set to go fo MO..Mahableshwar 😀

We met near the Regency Restro near Andheri western highway signal.

Actually I WAS DRUNK… stopped at the Petrol Pump station, filled up the tank of my P220F

We started then. It was full dark and cold with few street lights……Because of the drink I was feeling dizzy as well as sleepy and the fun part was my pillion <DHIRAJ> don’t know how to ride a bike.. So it was ONLY ME who has to ride all the way up to all the way down.

Decided to go with Panvel was so bloody cold so we decided to have a sip of tea. Stopped at the dhaba on the way on Lonawala.

Got energy and ready to continue.

Reached Lonawala at 6AM

Journey continued …..

Now was on the Lonawala Pune highway, enjoying the cool breeze of fresh air, smooth road, rising sun, sun light and


We stopped in some restaurant for PET POOJA. After that again we hit the road with my monster Bajaj Pulsar 220F.

Onward journey was totally fun as the Pune Banglore Highway is amazing, smooth wide.

I stretched the Pulsar to it max. The Top speed with my pillion was 123KMPH not bad….